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Community Support

Well this has been a great start to our year with the entire Almaguin Community coming togetherincluding businesses, organizations & clubs for the FAB 2014 Event.  Businesses throughout Almaguin were represented to make the event a great success.  the purpose of the event was to not only showcase the exhibitors but also the merchants in the business section of Burk's Falls. 

Gary, owner of Discount bait and Tackle stated "the benefits of these types of events will onlyDiscount Bait and Tackle improve the business and the way people look at this town for years to come. This event did not improve the sales for the day but the positive attitude of the people who walked the street was excellent. "  

Ted, ownFlower shoper of the Flower Garden " the event gave people a view that I am more than a flower shop..I sell antiques and gifts.  Amount of business for the day is not more, but excellent promotion of the services I offer  with exposure to so many people that ordinarily would never come to my shop" 

Michelle, owner of Michelle's Wee Treasures  " the positive energy was fantastic and michelle tentcomments over and over again about how people were happy to see Burk's Falls a going concern again"

So many other positive comments keep coming even 2 weeks after the event!