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Algonquin West ATV Club

This group of Ladies and Gentlemen got together and proceeded to ask executive from both ATV Ontario and OFATV to give presentations on which way was the best way to go. The Algonquin West ATV Club decided to go with ATV Ontario. In doing this we became an associate club to the Haliburton ATV Association. This allowed us to not only develop our own trail system, but with their knowledge when it came to going to townships and the MNR it helped us to establish ourselves as a positive fixture in our local communities. We first organized in February 2007, and since then have gps'd over 200kms of trails, signed 90% of these and are still signing them. We have produced a full colour map with over 40 advertisers and next year more trails will be added to this. We are expanding at a steady pace and have been bringing on more members and volunteers in the last year.

Our Address:

Box 273 
Emsdale ON 
Phone: (705) 999-7261